All of us daily experience that many translators do not understand the texts which they translate. This is particularly true for technical texts.

Thanks to our high educational background and our long experience with complex texts in the most various technical and scientific fields, we acquired a wide technical knowledge which enables us to have a comprehensive understanding in particular of domain-specific texts and thus to make accurate translations.

Your advantage with us:

We do understand what we translate.

Our principle:

We translate only what we do understand!

For this reason, you will obtain the high quality you are looking for.

We offer:

Expert competence

due to our complementary qualification (physicist and linguist) and mother tongues (German and French)

Extensive translation experience

more than 25 years professional experience as full job freelancers

Reliable service

due to accuracy of terminology regardless of language combination and complexity of document, price transparency, punctuality and confidentiality

Specialized in:

Technical translations

Specifications, user guides, operating manuals,
Tender documents etc.

Fields of expertise:

Mechanical engineering, plants
Electronics, measurement and regulating technique, air conditioning
IT, telecommunications
Electrical engineering

Renewable energy industry (in particular bio energy, biogas plants, wind energy, solar energy, geothermal energy)
Environmental technology (waste management, waster water tretment, environmental chemistry)

Industrial and civil engineering (tunnel construction)
Building construction, architecture


Chemistry (organic and anorganic chemistry, materials chemistry)
Analytical chemistry, analysis technique

Medical translations

Medical expertises

Medical equipment (a.o. ventilation, anaesthesia, cardiology, endoscopy, arthroscopy, radiography, sonography, laser medicine, digital imaging and technology)

Dentistry (implantology, endodontics, radiology, sonography, digital imaging and technology)

Pharmaceutics (a.o. clinical tests and studies, patient information guides, package inserts)

Gene technology

Legal translations

Patents, intellectual property (trademarks, designs, competition law),
Contracts, agreements, petitions, expertises, court judgments
Real estate law

Other fields of experience:

Music (in particular baroque music and contemporary music) and musicology (discography, presentations, studies)
Tourism (guides, brochures)
Viticulture, oenology

The other concept

We are not a translation agency:

no one but we do personally translate your texts.

We do not translate into 50 languages

but only into those of which we have a good command.

The direct line to your translator:

you will deal only with us - for the agreement of the delivery date, for possible amendments of the original text etc.

We look forward to your inquiry:

Tel. +33 4 68 45 18 66


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